Javier Caballero

Based in Madrid, I’m a leader in McKinsey’s Travel, Transport & Logistic and McKinsey Transformation Practices, helping clients with strategic planning, due diligence and good-to-great transformations. This includes working with PE-owned companies to create and implement transformative plans to create value. I really enjoy making my clients better prepared for the future by optimizing their operating model. I am also the leading Partner for recruiting in Spain.
My areas of expertise include: strategic planning, transformations, enterprise cost reduction, organization, culture and change, service operations, marketing, and sales. My work with McKinsey spans two stages, beginning in 2007 when I joined as a business analyst. I then spent three years first as Chief-of-Staff to the CEO of LG Electronics and then completing an MBA at Columbia Business School before rejoining the firm. As part of my recruiting responsibilities, I mentor and coach new hires helping them make the most of their McKinsey journey. I have lived in Spain, Germany, Chile, and the United States. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and practicing sports (kayaking, cycling and swimming).